SmarTone $78 365日港澳通儲值卡



-港澳數據 / 話音共用 -免費於中港澳三地接收香港號碼短訊 -日費 / 月費 / 年費組合 (已包含數據及話音) -HK$68/ 30日港澳數據通話音組合包括: -5GB港澳共用數據 -15分鐘港澳共用通話 -SIM卡有效期365日(每次增值$50-$99可重設180日, 而每次增值$100或以上可重設365日) -每月HK$3行政費,保留香港號碼365日 -澳門數據漫遊支援4G/3G數據服務,使用時須於手機開啟「數據漫遊」功能 -三合一Sim卡, 適合於任何手機及裝置 -此儲值卡須在啟動服務前完成實名登記 -最後啟用日期為: 2025/4/30 -Hong Kong and Macau Data / Voice Sharing - Receive SMS with Hong Kong number in mainland, Hong Kong and Macau for free - Daily/ Monthly/ Annual pack (with data and voice call) -HK$68 30-Day Data Packs for Hong Kong & Macau with: -5GB Hong Kong and Macau shared data -15 minutes shared voice call in Hong Kong and Macau -365-Day card validity (The validity of the SIM will be reset for 180 days upon recharge at HK$50-HK$99; the validity of the SIM will be reset for 365 days upon recharge at HK$100 or above) -HK$3 sdministration fee per month to keep Hong Kong number for 365 days -Macau data roaming supports 4G/3G data service, and "Data Roaming" function must be enabled on your phone to use it. -3in1 sim card, applicable to any Internet device/smart phone -Real-name registration is required before activating this SIM card -Expiry date: 2025/4/30