SmarTone $65 5G/4G 本地數據儲值卡



-每月首5GB 數據傳輸速度最高42Mbps ,其後傳輸速度將不高於2Mbps 直至下月收費日 -首2000分鐘免費本地通話, 其後每分鐘HK$0.15 -只要卡有足夠有餘額,服務會自動延續到下個月 -長者優惠*買一個月送一個月 -三合一Sim卡 -最後啟用日期為: 2024/12/31 -【此卡使用前須實名登記】 -First every mothly Data access speed up to 42Mbps, the data service will continue at a speed up to 2Mbps until next payment date -First 2000 Local Voice Minutes, then $0.15/minute -As long as the card has sufficient balance, the service will automatically continue to the next month. -Buy 1 Get 1-month Free Offer (Senior Citizen Exclusive)* -3in1 Sim Card, applicable to any internet device/smart phone -Expiry date: 2024/12/31 -【This card requires real-name registration before use】

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