3UK 英國及歐洲30日/60GB 無限分鐘流動數據儲值卡



-30日60GB數據流量+無限分鐘及無限個短訊 -套餐包含60GB數據,無限英國通話30日期限 (只限英國) -免費歐洲漫遊數據,漫遊可多達 70 +個國家可用 -【英國使用流量60GB高速數據 ,歐洲其他地區使用流量上限為12GB】 -使用期為開卡日起計連續30天(英國時間計算) -*開通後會提供一個英國號碼 -適用於3G, 4G ,5G手機通用 -無須登記, 插卡開啟 "數據漫遊"即可使用 -最後啟用日期為: 2026/2/28 【多達70+個國家可使用】 *資料以3UK官方最新公布作準: https://www.three.co.uk/support/roaming-and-calling-abroad/roaming-abroad/roaming-destinations?#countries1 -30day plan 60GB data + Unlimited minutes and unlimited texts. -The plan includes 60GB data, unlimited UK calls for a 30-day period (only valid in the UK). -Free roaming data in Europe, available in over 70+ countries can use. -【The UK usage allowance is 60GB of high-speed data, other european regions, it is capped at 12GB】 -The usage period starts from the activation date and lasts for 30 consecutive days (calculated in UK time). -*A UK number will be provided after activation -Applicable for 3G, 4G, and 5G mobile phones. -Registration not required, please enable "Data Roaming" -Expiry date: 2026/2/28 【Available in over 70+ countries can use】 *Data is based on the latest official announcement by 3UK: https://www.three.co.uk/support/roaming-and-calling-abroad/roaming-abroad/roaming-destinations?#countries1

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